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Medical Medium - Cleanse To Heal

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#1 New York Times Bäst säljande författaren av böckerna Liver Rescue (Leverns okända kraft) och Celery Juice.

'If you think you don’t have any need to do a cleanse—if you’re sure you couldn’t possibly be harboring any toxins in your body—think again. In today’s world, there are poisons and pathogens that threaten our health starting before we’re even born, and they continue to hold us back as we encounter them in our everyday life. Cleansing is a vital tool for fighting against these burdens—as long as you go about it the right way.

Anthony William, the Medical Medium, has placed a vast wealth of insight and information into a one-stop resource for cleansing of all kinds, starting with his acclaimed nine-day 3:6:9 Cleanse and expanding into life-saving protocols for specific health needs—including three versions of the 3:6:9 Cleanse, an anti-bug cleanse, a morning cleanse, and a heavy metal detox.

You will discover:

How to choose the cleanse that’s right for you

A deep dive into the causes of your symptoms and conditions

Critical cleanse dos and don’ts, including modifications and substitutions

The truth about trendy topics such as intermittent fasting and the microbiome

A guide to supplements you may choose to add to your cleanse

The physical reasons why cleansing can be an emotional experience

More than 75 recipes and sample menus to get you through your Medical Medium cleanse

Spiritual and soul support to remind you that healing is possible In-depth look into troublemaker foods and toxins

Supplement suggestions and dosages for almost 200 symptoms and conditions

Secrets about topics such as adrenaline and viral cleansing, and toxic heavy metal'

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Ingredienser & Användning

Författare: Anthony William

Undertitel: Healing plans for sufferers of anxiety, depression, acne, eczema, lyme, gut problems, brain fog, weight issues, migraines, bloating, vertigo, psoriasis, cysts, fatigue, pcos, fibroids, uti, endometriosisautoimmune

Förord av Ilana Zablozki-Amir

ISBN: 9781401958459

Språk: Engelska

Vikt: 1950 gram

Utgiven: 2020-04-21

Förlag: Hay House

Antal sidor: 592


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