The ear tag was founded in 1930 by legendary herb pioneer Harry Blom. He started selling herbs on mail order, which at that time was considered a very bold and modern initiative. It went well, but it would still last until 1964 before Harry Blom opened his first store, Blom Örtabod, at Luntmakargatan 90. Now the range was expanded with homeopathy, another bold grip from Harry’s side.

The business expanded further, and Örtagubben was moved in 1972 to the current address, Odengatan 37, and is today one of Sweden’s oldest and most well-known health food stores.

On December 13, 2010, Örtagubben opened a new store at Östermalmstorg on Nybrogatan 41. The archipelago is still in the spirit of Harry Blom, despite the fact that the master himself was 1983.

Business concept

Our business idea is to have a wide range and to offer the highest quality of products, know-how and service. Our staff is very experienced and knowledgeable. This really concerns ”health in particular”.

We are constantly striving to offer products that do not contain unnecessary additives, which have not been tested on animals, and which have no unclear origin. All in all, this means that Örtagubben has a good flow rate and is enjoying the customers’ full confidence. Just as Harry Blom would like it.

Örtagubben AB är rankad till TRIPPEL-A klass av SOLIDITET.
Endast 2,37% av sveriges alla företag tillhör denna grupp.
Det betyder hög köptrygghet för våra kunder.
Vi på Örtagubben är oerhört stolta!